Pratik Patel
Founder of Alphabin

Pratik Patel

At Alphabin, I'm currently leading a dynamic team in leveraging AI-powered testing solutions to partner with companies during critical phases, ensuring rapid and efficient testing processes. This allows our clients' development teams to concentrate on driving innovation and progress. We are also developing internal AI powered tool for Test management (stay tuned!)

Prior to founding Alphabin, I spent over 8 years building world-class automation testing teams and spearheading complex enterprise projects. I've even authored a book on Mobile automation testing, which you can find on guides.

At Alphabin, my passion lies in fostering a collaborative environment that attracts talented QA engineers and fosters their growth. We leverage cutting-edge AI to deliver high-quality, end-to-end QA solutions for startups and enterprise clients across healthcare, e-commerce, banking, and more.

I'm constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and connect with fellow professionals in the Software Engineering space. If you share this passion, I'd love to connect and learn from each other!

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