E-commerce Testing Services

Create a flawless E-commerce experience for your users with our robust E-commerce testing services.

E-commerce Testing Services
Underlying challenges

Dangers of an untested E-commerce App

60% of the shoppers abandon their purchases mid-way, reason being poor quality of the website or application!

Damaged Brand Reputation

Damaged brand reputation

Damaged brand reputation

Damaged Brand Reputation
  • A faulty e-commerce app can harm a company's brand and reputation, impacting customer trust.
  • The first impression is the last.
Increased Costs

Increased costs

Increased costs

Increased Costs
  • An E-commerce application that is not QA tested can lead to increased costs in the form of customer support, product returns, and negative marketing campaigns.
Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities
  • E-commerce apps store sensitive data, risking identity theft and fraud.
  • Testing services find and fix vulnerabilities, preventing data breaches.
Lost Sales and Revenue

Lost sales and revenue

Lost sales and revenue

Lost Sales and Revenue
  • Customers who encounter problems during their checkout process are likely to abandon their carts and shop elsewhere.
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Unveiling E-commerce QA benefits

Deliver a flawless shopping experience

In the realm of E-Commerce, perfection is paramount. Every aspect of the online shopping experience, from product browsing to checkout, ensure it’s perfect through our E-commerce QA services.

Trustworthy Brand Image

Trustworthy brand image

E-commerce testing ensure a trustworthy brand image, preventing a damaged reputation with a focus on first impressions, which is crucial for customer trust.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Cost-efficient operations

Contribute to cost-efficient operations, reducing customer support, product returns, and negative marketing costs by up to 40%.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced data security

Receive over an 80% improvement in data security, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to prevent identity theft and fraud and safeguarding sensitive customer data.

Optimized Checkout Process

Optimized checkout process

E-commerce testing services contribute up to a 60% increase in conversions by preventing problems that lead to cart abandonment.

Abandoned carts?
Let us help with E-commerce QA!

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What We test Shape

What we test

Ensuring seamless online shopping experiences, from user interface to payment processing, to enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Cross-browser testing:

Process resilience

Ensure the seamless functioning of the checkout process, minimizing cart abandonment by validating smooth transitions, payment gateways, and order confirmation.

Visual automation:

Inventory accuracy

Validate the accuracy of inventory management systems to prevent overselling, ensuring customers only see and purchase available products.

Data Format Verification

Social media integration

Test the integration of social media features, allowing customers to share products, write reviews, and interact seamlessly with your e-commerce platform.

Security Testing

Multi-Language support

Validate the functionality of multi-language support, ensuring a global customer base can navigate and make purchases with ease in their preferred language.

Rate Limiting And Throttling

Mobile app performance

Verify the performance of your mobile app, focusing on responsiveness, speed, and user interface to meet the expectations of users.

Response Time And Performance

Localized shipping calculations

Test localized tax and shipping calculations to ensure accurate and transparent cost assessments, preventing any surprises for customers during the checkout process.

Authentication And Authorization Tests

And many more like

Spike testing, Endurance testing, Scalability and Stress with Gatling…

Our E-commerce services

Tailored testing for E-commerce success

Functional Testing

Functional testing

Get a smooth user journey by validating critical e-commerce functionalities, including product browsing, shopping cart management, and payment processing.

Security Testing

Security testing

Protect sensitive customer data and financial information by identifying and mitigating potential security vulnerabilities in your E-commerce platform.

Performance Testing

Performance testing

Ensuring smoothness your E-commerce site's responsiveness, scalability, and reliability under peak traffic conditions.

API Testing

API testing

Verify the accuracy, reliability, and performance of application programming interfaces (APIs) with our refined E-commerce testing solutions.

Automation Testing

Automation testing

Streamline repetitive testing tasks and accelerate time-to-market with automated test scripts, ensuring quality control with testing automation.

User Experience (UX) Testing

User Experience (UX) testing

Upgrade your E-commerce brand by evaluating the user interface for ease of use, through our E-commerce software testing services.

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Industries we serve

We offer our expertise to a diverse array of companies across different industries, providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.

Our capabilities

Our capabilities for E-commerce projects

Confidence in releases

Confidence in releases

Our rigorous testing methodology which we follow, ensures our confidence at every single release with near client-side bugs being detected.

Front-End And Back-End Excellence

Front-end and Back-end excellence

Our expertise in front-end and API testing ensures your e-commerce application functions flawlessly across all layers, guaranteeing a consistent experience.

 Maximum Test Coverage Via Automation

Maximum test coverage via automation

We automate repetitive tasks, maximizing test coverage while reducing testing time and resource utilization.

AI-Powered Precision

AI-Powered precision

By integrating AI into our testing process, we achieve near-perfect results. Our AI-driven tools identify and resolve issues early, delivering exceptional quality.

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Our Resource Shape

Our Resources

Explore our insights into the latest trends and techniques in testing.

Testing Blocker: Overcoming FlutterFlow DOM Element Challenge

Testing Blocker: Overcoming FlutterFlow DOM Element Challenge

Pravin Gamit
  • Feb 24, 2024

Testing a web app built with FlutterFlow can be problematic due to the shadow DOM technique it uses to render the UI.

Cracking the Code to Lucrative Career, Penetration Testing

Cracking the Code to Lucrative Career, Penetration Testing

Ayush Mania
  • Feb 24, 2024

Penetration testing, the art of ethically hacking into systems to expose vulnerabilities, is a booming field with exciting prospects for those skilled in the digital dark arts.

Concepts and Best Practices for Appium Mobile Automation

Concepts and Best Practices for Appium Mobile Automation

Naman Upadhyay
  • Feb 23, 2024

Appium as an mobile automation tool has gained prominence as an efficient way of automating mobile applications, testing on multiple platforms, making it possible for developers and testers to make sure their applications deliver quality services based on expected functionality levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-commerce testing services really important and required?
FAQ Arrow

Absolutely! E-commerce testing is the shield that protects your business from losing customers, damaging your reputation,  losing revenue, or ultimately shutting down of business. It's like a quality check for your online store, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for everyone.

How can we create a positive customer shopping experience?
FAQ Arrow

Creating a positive customer shopping experience involves a technical ballet of UI evaluation, usability testing, and functional testing. We X-ray the UI with heuristic analysis, eye-tracking, and accessibility checks. Then, we put it through the paces with moderated and unmoderated usability tests, A/B testing, and API/regression/security testing.

How to confirm a smooth performance of my E-commerce application?
FAQ Arrow

Your e-commerce app needs a stress test, not just a good hair day. Performance, load, and stress testing simulate real-world shopper surges, revealing cracks before they become chasms. Think of it as a virtual gym, pushing your app to its limits to ensure smooth handling, no matter how crazy Black Friday gets.

How can testing help your E-commerce businesses?
FAQ Arrow

We can help your e-commerce business by ensuring your application is working seamlessly under all possible circumstances:

  • -
    Creating strong testing plans to specific business objectives and addressing e-commerce challenges.
  • -
    Employing  a diverse range of testing approaches, including manual, automation, performance, security, and usability testing.
  • -
    Enhance test coverage, and efficiently identify defects via cutting-edge tools to automate
  • -
    Before, during, and after development. The ongoing consultation and support will be provided for the product’s improvement
  • -
    Collaboration between QA and development teams for early defect detection and faster issue resolution.
How can AI be leveraged to enhance E-commerce app testing processes?
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We at Alphabin use our proprietary AI framework to identify all the corner use cases of your e-commerce app that humans might miss out on. Our cutting-edge AI technology enables us to rapidly create automated tests, seamlessly integrating them into your development process. Our experienced QA team, combined with our innovative methods, ensures thorough testing within a short timeframe, allowing you to quickly launch your app with exceptional quality and gain a competitive advantage.