Project Driven Testing Services

Receive a dedicated team with domain-specific knowledge and harness the power of the PrecisionAI model for your project.

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How does this model work?

Agile requirement gathering

Maximize the ROI. Project-based engagement’s first step is to define clear project goals and strategize a testing strategy specific to your needs and budget.

Dynamic resource scaling

We offer flexible scaling options for QA resources. During critical stages, we ramp up the team size. Post-release, we seamlessly scale down.

Team assembly

We handpick a dedicated project-based QA support team with a suitable skill set and domain knowledge for your project.

Skilled testing

We utilize a wide range of testing methodologies, including the use of AI-driven tools and models, to ensure thorough risk coverage.

Post-launch support

We offer support, deliver insightful analytics, and help you see how QA assists your project’s success.

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Inside project-focused collaboration

Short on QA hands?

Short on QA hands?

Our team integrates with your existing QA resources to deliver specific support for your next release.

Say goodbye to testing woes

Say goodbye to testing woes

We dive deep into your project, collaborating closely to uncover and neutralize risks before they surface.

Rely on us

Rely on us

Let our seasoned testers take the reins of QA, delivering rigorous testing while you keep the control.

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Why should you choose us?

Choose from a pool of talented testers with expertise across various technologies, platforms, and domains.

Data Collection

Industry focus

We understand the nuances of different industries, and we assign teams with specific sector and domain knowledge that will benefit you the most.

Actionable Insights

Technical expertise

We boast a broad range of testers, from automation engineers to security specialists, performance gurus to usability testers.

Early Risk Mitigation

Enhanced creativity

Diverse backgrounds and experiences breed innovative solutions, tackling unexpected challenges.

Pay only for the resources you require, ensuring optimal value and budget-friendly scalability.

Data Collection

On-demand QA

We have a vast reserve of talent, ready to be deployed or released as needed, which serves as a perfect fit for your project’s fluctuating demands.

Actionable Insights

Flexible approach

We adjust our plan, team size, and resource allocation in perfect time with your project’s changing requirements.

We work closely with your team to understand your preferences, fostering a sense of ownership.

Data Collection

Join project planning

We work hand-in-hand with you to define testing goals, set priorities, and develop an adequate testing plan.

Actionable Insights

Agile methodology

We work in quick sprints, continuously incorporating feedback and adapting our approach to maintain collaboration.

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Learn about how we tackle unique testing needs.

Explore your options. Customized testing for a massive catalog of industries, technologies, and businesses.

Our Resources

Explore our insights into the latest trends and techniques in API testing.

Testing Blocker: Overcoming FlutterFlow DOM Element Challenge

Testing Blocker: Overcoming FlutterFlow DOM Element Challenge

Pravin Gamit
  • Feb 24, 2024

Testing a web app built with FlutterFlow can be problematic due to the shadow DOM technique it uses to render the UI.

Cracking the Code to Lucrative Career, Penetration Testing

Cracking the Code to Lucrative Career, Penetration Testing

Ayush Mania
  • Feb 24, 2024

Penetration testing, the art of ethically hacking into systems to expose vulnerabilities, is a booming field with exciting prospects for those skilled in the digital dark arts.

Concepts and Best Practices for Appium Mobile Automation

Concepts and Best Practices for Appium Mobile Automation

Naman Upadhyay
  • Feb 23, 2024

Appium as an mobile automation tool has gained prominence as an efficient way of automating mobile applications, testing on multiple platforms, making it possible for developers and testers to make sure their applications deliver quality services based on expected functionality levels.

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